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Ban Requests

What Division did this occur in?(Required)

Offender's Steam Name

Offender's Steam Page (If Applicable)

Offender's Roleplay Name (If Applicable)

Offender's STEAM ID in format of STEAM_X:X:XXXXX(Required)

Offense/Violation (Required)

Believed Punishment

Screenshot of Connected Players (rp_lookup/status)(Required)

Evidence (Video/Full Screenshot) (Required)

Explanation of Evidence (Required)

UnBan Request

What Division did this occur in?(Required)

Your Steam Name

Your Steam Page

Your STEAM ID in format of STEAM_X:X:XXXXX (Required)
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Link to ban on our sourcebans using STEAM ID (Required)

Links to all previous unban requests related or unrelated to current ban(Required)

Name of Person who Banned you.(Required)
@Tag them in the thread body as well, so they get a notification of your unban request.

Why you should be Unbanned(Required)

Do you wish to be unbanned at this instance or have your ban length reduced?

Admin Application Shit List Requests

An admin application shit list is global and permanent. It is meant for only the worst-of-the-worst applicants. If accepted, they will be added onto a global admin shit list in which they will never be able to apply for admin or become an admin in any of POG's Divisions current or in the future. Keep in mind that an admin application shit list does not necessarily correlate to a regular shit list (global ban).

What Division did this applicant apply for?(Required)

Applicant's Steam Name(Required)

Applicant's Steam Page (If Applicable)

Applicant's Roleplay Name (If Applicable)

Applicant's STEAM ID in format of STEAM_X:X:XXXXX(Required)

Link to applicant's application(Required)

Reason why applicant should be globally shit listed from applying for/ever becoming admin(Required)

Any accompanying (physical) evidence to support your points

Refund Center

Your STEAMID in format of STEAM_X:X:XXXXX(Required)

Your Steam Page (If Applicable)

Evidence (Video/Full Screenshot) (Required)
Your evidence must show that the server has crashed (Auto-disconnect in the top right).
If you crash/disconnect by yourself and has no fault on the server, then you will not be compensated.

If you forge any evidence, your account will be deleted and you will be permanently banned.

How much do you expect to be compensated for, in in-game money?
Only enter a number without any punctuation (, or . are not permitted).


Include the link to your unban request.
If you have not posted an unban request first, then you must do so first before applying for an appeal.

Explain why you are unhappy with the decision made in your unban request.
Do not simply state, what you said in your unban request again.