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To properly play the game, you must download our content pack. Provided below are two different mirrors to obtain the content pack or map.

Workshop-Collection Link : Click here to get to the workshop!

1942RP Downloads

1942RP Content
Zip.png Steam.png
.zip File Steam Workshop
1942RP Map
Zip.png Steam.png
.zip File Steam Workshop

Can't see weapons?

The workshop pack for the weapons has been removed from steam.

You can download the work-around here:

Just follow the steps for installing a zip file and you should be fine

Is the APC pink and black or is the Bread an error?

We do use Day of Defeat Source textures and models So download them here!downloads/chgd

Does the map have pink and black squares and is the sky an infinite void?

We do use CSS textures for our map. So download them here!downloads/chgd

How To

How to install a .zip file

  1. Open the download file using programs such as Winrar, Winzip, or 7zip.
  2. Either extract or copy/paste the contents of the zip to Steamapps/common/Garrysmod/garrysmod/
  3. Test if your installation was successful.

How to install off the workshop

  1. Go to the steam workshop page
  2. Click subscribe (If you are in Garry's Mod you will need to restart)
  3. Let everything load in the main menu and you're set!