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Welcome to the People Of Gaming Wiki.

This wiki provides information in regards to our servers, services and community.

The list of links below should provide the majority of your wiki needs, otherwise you can use the search bar on the left.

The Wiki is updated, once new things are added/removed.

Community and Server Information

Pog.png Community
A community devised to bring together people who enjoy gaming.
Server.png Server List
Servers hosting People of Gaming content can be found here.
Teamspeaksmall.png Teamspeak 3
Talk to people from countries you've never heard of!
Question.png How to Change your Forum Username
Because even "Nill Bye" gets boring after a while...
VIP Symbol.PNG VIP Information
All the perks and how to buy are listed here
Branch.png Divisions
Where is UgandaRP?

Administrative Information

Book.png Rules
Follow these or risk getting banned!
Guidelines.png Moderator Guidelines
Moderator Guidelines are updated. You are all welcome to view what our Staff are Required to Follow
Moderator.png Applying for Moderator/Staff Position
The real reason you're on the server
Moderator.png Having problems with Staff?
How to help us as a user
Banunban.png Ban/Unban Requests
Banned? Want to Ban?
Steam.png Finding your STEAM:ID
It's easier than you'd think
Red X.png Common Problems
Did you try turning it off and on again?
Download.png Downloads/Missing Content
Seeing purple checkers and error signs?
Utility.png POGCP
Only the best administrative utility tool in the world!

1942RP Information

Nazisquared.jpg What is 1942RP II?
Best gamemode on Garry's Mod
Chat.png Chat Commands
Bend the server to your will
Job.png Job Information
Because your mom will kick you out if you don't get one
Rank.png Reich Rank System
Know your superiors
Group.png The Resistance
The only fight against the Nazis
Poland.png Map
A WWII Polish city under Nazi Occupation
Assaultrifle.png Weapons
Various stats and information related to guns
Trophy.png 1942RP Leaderboard
View the richest players
Nazisquared.jpg 1942RP Events
Take advantage of the random in-game events
BlueArrow.jpeg Downloads
Where do I go to sit for 10 minutes waiting?